Trattato d'arme manoscritto del XV: Florius de Arte Luctandi

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Trattato d'arme manoscritto del XV: Florius de Arte Luctandi

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Florius de Arte Luctandi ("The Flower of Battle", MS Latin 11269) is an Italian fencing manual translated from a treatise authored by Fiore de'i Liberi and probably created in the 1410s or 20s.[1] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, France. MS Latin 11269 is written in a semigothic script on parchment in a pasteboard leather binding; the illustrations are inked and painted, with gold leafing on the crowns and garters. This manuscript is generally referred to as either the Florius or the Paris.

Any preface MS Latin 11269 once possessed is missing from the current form of the manuscript, and its current title was added much later in a 17th century hand. It consists of 44 folios with two pairings per page, and is the only copy of Fiore's treatise whose illustrations are fully painted. Unlike the other versions of his work, this manuscript is written entirely in Latin.

Determining the derivation of this manuscript is difficult. Its descriptions are cast in couplets and quatrains that closely resemble those of the Pisani Dossi version, though often in a jumbled and semi-coherent fashion. The sequence is comparable to that of the Morgan version, beginning with mounted fighting and ending with wrestling on foot. The illustrations, though painted, often resemble those of the Getty version. Finally, in terms of content it contains plays otherwise unique to each of the other three manuscripts.

Written in the early 15th century, probably after the completion of Flos Duellatorum in 1409.
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